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Habiba Akther

Habiba is an International Relations graduate from the University of London. She is currently doing her MA at SOAS and has interests in Middle Eastern and South Asian Politics, Post-colonial studies, Human Rights, Woman's issues, Security and Terrorism. She enjoys eating copious amounts of baklava and is a coffee enthusiast.

My Nani

A memoir marking 11 years / Like the sky / my beloved is everywhere / but next to me / – rupi kaur I remember the day my Nani died. It was a cold January morning. I was putting my…

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Women in Daesh: more than ‘jihadi brides’?

The gendered dynamic within Islamist organisations has been overlooked, making it hard to explain the unprecedented rise of western women joining Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) in Iraq and Syria. Women are integral to the longevity of such organisations and…

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