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Rithaa Majeed

A 20 year old addicted to words, Bollywood and chocolate.

Oh Little Brown Girl

Oh little brown girl, your mother tells you to close your legs otherwise the cloak of virtue will leave you Oh little brown girl, your father cannot love you and all you want is him to hold you close Oh…

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Living between two worlds

A Muslim, yet not. Growing up, my faith always wavered. I never stayed true to being the conventional Muslim my Mother wanted me to be. She always had to force me to pray, always had to police my clothes, always…

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You’re a girl, that’s why.

When my male cousin first moved to London for university, my aunty was so worried about him losing control that she turned to my mother for solace. I remember very clearly my mother laughing telling her, ‘It’s okay, he’s a…

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Your given right

We’ve learnt to not be like our mothers, like our grandmothers, like our khalas and maasis We’ve learnt that our space can no longer be denied, no longer snatched away from us We’ve learnt that our footsteps never needed to…

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