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To all the women

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To all the women/girls and sisterhood

To all those suffering silently

The abuses, restrictions, repressions of

mothers/fathers and parents present

To the verbal and emotional abuse and turmoil you/we/i all go through

To pain and torture of relentless harassing

To mundane conversations and needless allegations

To the unborn ideas that are cultivated during extreme aggression

To misplaced identities and inconsolable depression

We stand together we stand tall

Not in times of war but in the relative lull 

And trapped we all are

By love that is unrequited 

By needs and wants unquenched

And to uteruses who need to breathe

Who demand and carve their own feet

To guarding the private space from our bodies to our vaginas from arranged marriages

To the lost hysteria in burqas and chadors

To the emotional nagging

Constant and continuous (ill-required) intrusion into the fortress of our dreams and hearts and minds

To the wishes fed on demand to our fathers

To giving in to our mother’s insecurities

To all those strong, tall heads and voices who need to shout

To love and death and the silent storm

Raging in the heart and in the mind

To shackles that are broken but still tie you/us down

To all the responsibility which we’ve to fulfil

In the name of Allah and Rasool

And honour and shame confused

There’s a flickering (un)dying conformity to fight, to stay resilient and to recite

The anthem of independence, of free choices and forgiveness.

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