sister-hood is an award-winning digital magazine and a series of live events spotlighting the voices of women of Muslim heritage.

The Team

Afak Afgun
Managing Editor and Writer
Afak is a 3rd culture kid who is fascinated with brains. She studies cognitive neuroscience and works with autistic people in Norway. She loves creating gifs and puts sriracha sauce on everything.
Hyshyama Hamin
Asia Editor & Columnist
Hyshyama is a sunset chaser, gender consultant and (recovering) caffeine addict. She grew up in Nepal and now lives in Sri Lanka. She dabbles in poetry, photography, human rights and Muslim feminism.
Mediah Ahmed
Deputy editor & columnist
Mediah is a British Pakistani Muslim, born and bred in London! She has a PhD in Biophysics in relation to Dentistry and is totally obsessed with theatre!
Joanne Payton
Deputy editor-in-chief
Joanne is our token minority. She has a PhD in criminology and two lovely daughters. She lives in South Wales and cuts her own hair.
Deeyah Khan
editor in chief
Deeyah Khan is the founder of sister-hood and the CEO of media and arts production company Fuuse. Her talents include film-making, eating pancakes, and Punjabi insults.