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Two years

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I don’t believe in God, Allah, or Yahweh,
Yet I pray to all 3 everyday.
Daughter of Iman can’t be faithless.


March 14: Yearly Janazah for 3


Recently, a pair of Arab lovers bribed Him for a double room in Hell.
Fifty Euros.
Lowest pits.

How much is the bribe for the 7th level of Heaven?
Mama, I can’t afford it.
Besides, would you even want to come back? Diseased world? Diseased body?
I won’t hold your soul prisoner.
Palestinian women don’t surrender to worldly occupation.


We scream kisses in Arabic and all the languages of the world.

Kiss your mum.
(Translation: your mum’s pussy)

Kiss your sister.
(Translation: your sister’s pussy)

Kiss Him.
(Translation: God’s pussy)


The question is what language I send that kiss.

Arabic or English?



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