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The lioness, the lion and the rabbit

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One lazy afternoon, a lion and lioness lay under a tree in the shade.

A rabbit strolled up to them.

The rabbit, a cheeky creature, began to make crude sexual gestures and comments at the lioness.

The lioness was upset.

She told him to stop.

The rabbit continued.

The lioness looked to the lion,

You’re going to let him continue?!

He’s being disrespectful!

Make him stop.

You’re overreacting.

It’s just a stupid little rabbit.

Ignore him.

All the while, the rabbit continued to make crude gestures.

Fed up, the lioness chased the rabbit.

Until she found herself stuck in a tight corner, unable to move.

A few moments later, she felt the little rabbit creeping up on her.

The rabbit proceeded to fuck her.

It was at that moment that the lioness realised something profound:

Although she was a lioness,

Although her lion was meant to be brave,

She had allowed a tiny rabbit to fuck her,

And a large lion to disrespect her.

She broke free from the tight corner,

Ate the rabbit,

Fucked the lion,

Told him she had a better time with rabbit,

And went on her next hunt.

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