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Aima Niqabae

Hi, I’m Aima. I’m an anime, manga enthusiast since grade 2 and a kpop fan since grade 6. You might find it hard to believe but I’m a feminist and a muslim. An activist and a student. As a niqabi, I wish more ppl would just come up to me so I can address their curiosities instead of just staring. I don't bite. I'm like Kakashi, expressing more expressions through my eyes than Sasuke did in his whole face. XD


It’s 2016 In a few more hours it will be 2017 SO, WHAT On a calendar, it’s a new date In history, it’s just a new time In a human lifespan, it’s a fleeting moment    I EXIST AS A…

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A modest opinion

Dina Tokio, Chinutay. H, Saimasmileslike and Tazzy Phe are just a few hijabis equipped with a camera and their wits. Their YouTube content reassures the Muslim youth that being Muslim is not a liability unless you think it is. Unfortunately,…

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