They say that we’re women

They say that we’re Queens

    but a queen who can never rule her own kingdom

They say that we’re Jewelry

    but we’re not allowed to show how pretty and shiny we can be

They say that our bodies are Precious and that our Virginity is sacred

    but we’re not allowed to even enjoy and celebrate our sacredness

They say that we’re Beautiful

    but we’re never allowed to be anything that can make ourselves feel beautiful


There are a lot of words that can define us

But we’re not allowed to define ourselves


Our definition of womanhood are all  defined by those who are intimidated by us


Those who told us to cover

Those who told us to be obedient

Those who tortured us

Those who never learned how to treat a queen, to wear a jewelry, to be delicate with our bodies, and to let us be beautiful


And by those who are afraid that we’re not going to be able to love them

as much as we love ourselves


Because at the end, we’re Women

And Women,

will love her

that she is a woman

more worth than any man;

men, that she is the rarest of all women