Womanhood Encaged

The poem is a living reminder of the monotonous life spent by a large number of Muslim women. Their desires and passion don’t die but are repressed by the gratuitous burden of pride and honour enforced by the patriarchal society.


Veiled behind the walls of honour and pride

There roams in a den

One pregnant woman;


Chirp, wail, clamour, purr

Razing her fragile sleep

Shred by shred,

Till its shards sting

And she sleeps no more;


Absorbing the suffocation

Immune to claims

Boring the countless seeds

Planted in her womb,

Keeps her busy;


But as the moon deliberately blends

Into the sun,

Sneaks out from underneath the countless layers

Of land

Her buried daring desire,

To be exposed in the arms of sharp chilled wind;


Fearless, boundless, she unveils

Her timely possession

The womb

Basking in the solace of wind

One pregnant woman.