Beware of the female

A creature of nature she may be

But beware for there is much to fear

Of the female:

Her body.

Beware of her voice

Her curves

Her words

What lies between her thighs

Her lies

Her hair

Those lashes

That Venus

Those moves that spring

Your thing

Beware of the female

Her tears

Those drops of pearls

Fallen from grace

To your embrace

Only to disgrace

Your hands that leapt

To wipe her face

But landed on her breast


‘In jest’, you said

Alas, beware of the female

Who never forgets

Nor forgives

The heartbreaks

The lies

Beware of her sharp mind

Her sharp knives

Her wicked wit

And beware

For once you’re caught in her stare

And your heart starts to care

And if, say,

You decide to stay

And she permits