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Usarae Gul

Usarae Gul is a print designer based in Manchester. She plays with colour,and pattern, and playfully mixes objects from both sides of the world she identifies with. She depicts items and scenes that make her curious, working with paint and found objects to create striking images, full of colour and pattern heavily influenced by her Pakistani roots. Website:

Desi Queen

Damp dustin’ Dirty dish bustin’ Grocery listin’ Button fixin’ Biryani flexin’ Underarm waxin’ Children taxin’ Roti rollin’ Husband patrollin’ Dadi callin’         STOP WAIT.         You’re late.         Bleach yo face,…

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I am Unglish

‘I make my art to clarify my identity, to confirm it is okay to be muddled, to be part of two separate clashing cultures, and to celebrate myself, as a British Pakistani woman. As the daughter of Pakistani immigrant parents…

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