Photo: Flickr / Michele Petrelli

If my words could…

If my words could comfort you
The ink of my pen I’d never let dry
To see you tell the story buried within
To see you try
If my assurance could calm you down
I’d hold your hand tight
To see you wipe off those tears
To see you rise above that night
The night that silenced the child
The night that walls cried
You shouted for help
No place to hide
He rubbed you at places where it hurt
Touched you, tore off your shirt
Bleeding, you lay on the floor
Scratches all over your body, sore
In walked a woman who shouted and cried
Wrapped you around herself, sighed
“Bury this within, wipe off your tears
Stay away from men, don’t let anyone near.”
If my words could make you scream and feel alive once again
I’d write to see you walk free
Not being scared of men.