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Ghalia Edrees

A Muslim woman of Saudi British nationality and a creative individual, based in the UK. Founder and senior designer of ALGHALIA INTERIORS; an interior design practice and a contemporary Islamic furniture brand. A promoter of progressive thinking and an advocate of freedom.

Dear Muslimah

Dear Muslimah, I write to you a letter of benevolence, hoping it finds you in peace and makes you ponder. For we are made of the same mud, and perhaps even share the same blood. We have read the same…

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Do something about it

Your fate is controlled – from the time of your birth onwards: by the place you were born, by the career path you take, and by a tiny little notebook that is meant to identify your place on this globe……

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This Saudi woman is not a criminal.

Some said she ran away to join ISIS. Others said she has been brainwashed by the west. Some believed that she was lured by a cult that provokes women to fight the traditional system, and some diagnosed her with some…

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