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Isra Zariat

Isra is a writer and journalism student, a columnist at NRK, and is currently working on an art project.

A legal win

The irony of the state of the US Election is bold and clear. President Trump is challenging the legal integrity of the most powerful democracy with playground rules and a childish ignorance. In my piece, ‘A Legal Win’, I attempted…

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“Honour”: Women who kill women

While men from our community stare at any scantily dressed girls, it is actually the women who urge us to be more decent. When these men see us hanging out with our male friends, it is the women who afterwards shout at us that we…

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I am torn between two cultures

Hijab or hooking up? Alcohol or Allah? It can be a strain for young Muslims to reconcile their faith while growing up in a permissive Western society. Part of being human is making decisions. Decisions that have a great effect…

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