Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

I am ready to fly.

I am ready to apply my wings of hope and fear to fly.

I am ready to be guided by a satiation of love towards my destination.

I am ready to accept there will be rough winds that will attempt to weaken me on my plight, but this time I am stronger, this time I will fight.

I am ready to shed the guilt that consumed me from childhood, the guilt that shackled my self-esteem, that caged my ability to dream.

I am ready to travel towards my happiness, my peace, my real abode, away from any foe that sought to bring my low.

I am ready to do this smiling, not concealing or disguising, but smiling because this time from within is my shining.

I am ready to lift myself from the depth of the earth that I sunk in, the darkness and hopelessness I got consumed in.

I am ready to leave behind the whispers of negativity that constrained my ability.

I am ready for companions of sincerity that like me want to immerse in positivity.

I am ready to forgive and forget as to not would be a fools downfall of sorrow and regret.

I am ready for acceptance by those that are worthy of my capitulation, and prepared for rejection by those that desire nothing but defamation.

I am ready for an excursion that sees me flourish with assurance, resilience and faithfulness.

I am ready to fly.