Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

The L word

We express a variety of emotions on a daily basis. It is part of our human nature. However, we struggle sometimes to express the finest emotion of them all: love. Some people go searching for it when it is already close to them but they were too blind to see it.

L stands for Love. The reason I refer to it with just the first initial is because love can be considered toxic, to the extent that spelling the word itself out in full can be forbidden. I have always wondered why an emotion so gentle can seem so harsh to some people.

Love can’t be easily explained, but it is the core emotion. It is not in its nature to be explained easily. Some might describe it as a simple smile, others as a sparkle that cannot be denied, and others as a simple act of kindness. All routes lead to the same point: love.

I live in a society where love is expressed secretly; where it should be kept away from people’s eyes. It is considered shameful to see love expressed publicly. They say love leads to sin, that love is pitiable. The real pity is for those who fail to find it, or who feel they cannot express it. They have turned love into the devil and have poisoned generations with this idea for decades.

They manage to swap the word ‘love’ with ‘respect’ when they describe marriage. They give you a look full of repulsion just for daring to let the word out. Relationships are a form of sinning, because love is a major part of these relationships. Lovers can only be lovers if and when they tie the knot. Only then, they might give you credit and praise you. Otherwise, you are just sinners.

Love should not be this complicated. Love is simple and alive. People must let it in easily and express it as for long as they breathe. It is unfair for it to be misused and maybe misunderstood. Love your family, friends, and your kids. Let them grow in a loving environment and see them shine along the way. Don’t strip the world from the letters, LOVE is what it should be; not just the L.