Photo: Flickr / mhx

The humming of a withered soul

Cover up little girl: diamonds fall out of your hair when you play like a child.

Cover your beauty, for it is blinding the eyes of the lion.

Learn as they taught you: your hair is a hidden treasure for your husband’s good deeds,

Your body is his reward, so don’t you dare sell it away.

Your cheeks hold castles that your tears built and with every smile a chamber disappears.

Your mischief shines through your eyes, your childish behaviours echo with your laughter.

Your humming shakes the ground they step on, and your dancing shoes crawl to meet you halfway.

Your tongue longs for the taste of freedom.

Your hair longs for one last breath.

You’re more than what they tell you to be ashamed of.

But cover up before they hear what you are dying to shout,

Be a good girl and don’t show them what lies beneath it all.