Photo credit: Flickr / Tim Sackton

Hunger prayers


We see those empty bellied stares
Through a screen. And we barely care.
Dissociate, we separate, our emotions, abdicate.

But take away our sustenance,
The tempting calls of gluttonous,
Taste the pangs of abstinence,
To ignite the spirit of resonance.

Stand in their shoes. Appreciate.
Make powerful prayers in an empathic state.
Every thought, every word, every compassionate tear
Will flow to the One, the Eternal, The Near.
And whether in this world, or in the next,
Your pleaful prayers will surely connect
And ascend those whose fate was cruel in this life
To the highest of heavens without question or strife.

Hunger humbles. Hunger hurts.
Hunger is a vacuum
for the soul to search.