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Hira Amjad

An economic graduate fighting the odds in Pakistan and struggling to become a documentary filmmaker. Feminist by choice. Content Manager at East River (digital marketing agency). I run my personal blog on Instagram where I write and rant about issues brown women face but cannot talk about along with some humorous content. I intend to create an impact through my writing.

Menstruating is not a sin

I first got my period when I was in 6th grade. To everybody’s surprise, I didn’t tell my mom. I hid it for the first month. I don’t clearly remember how. I was scared of revealing it to her. Even…

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Blowing smoke

Every time I go and watch a movie at the cinema, I see an advert for tobacco which ends with the line ‘Smoking is injurious to your health.’ Like everyone else, I know this is true – but I have…

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