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Yesmien Bagh Ali

Yesmien divides her time between speaking on culturally sensitive issues, writing scripts and acting. She loves creativity and doesn’t want to place herself in a ‘tick box’ situation. She runs a successful business,, and delivers consultancy work within the education system in the North of England. She uses her drama techniques to support the teaching of VAWAG and culturally sensitive current issues, such as radicalisation and racism.

Invisible to visible

I was there when you dragged me on cold floors forcing me to do your chores,Screaming while you locked me in empty dark stores,Telling me I was nothing but a whore,While you knocked me through each and every door. I…

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Forced marriage

You forced me to hate, They forced me to date. But no one ever forced me to be free and take that degree. A desire I had still wanders in the air. I wonder and wait while I hopelessly stare….

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