Photo by Sourabh Virdi on Unsplash

Forced marriage

You forced me to hate,

They forced me to date.

But no one ever forced me to be free and take that degree.

A desire I had still wanders in the air.

I wonder and wait while I hopelessly stare.

The day I long for, will it ever get close?

Or will the passion break with an overdose.

Time is so still, the pain is so real.

Why did my dear loved ones make this deal?

Your duty towards a desperate stranger

More cherished than your child in a manger.

The moment that should have been such joy

Was nothing but a ploy.

You threw away your harmless child

Away, away into the wild

To gain freedom for you, but what about me?

I sit here,

Not a single one of you near.

I attempt to understand if you went through the same pain

No, we all know it was for your own gain

Though I do believe, my dearest one,

You, too, were a victim of the society that won,

The religion that got caught

In the culture that taught

Now I realise

You were, in fact, the force.

Do you have any remorse?

You thought I had no stake.

They thought I would break.

With the constant moods,

Of my let down broods.

Learning how to re-train.

Through open wounds in pain.

Walking along paths

That once were dead end lines

With no, no, No Entry signs.

Tempting many to grieve in wine.

But I was curious to shine.

You told me I’d lead many women astray

And I was only made to pray.

Today they, too, stand questioning

With fear of mentioning

Their blocked journeys in drowning tears.

Wondering whether any jury

Will hear their story in a hurry.

Or will they also be left

Just waiting to be buried.

To shield themselves and their children

Who suddenly became a miraculous conception

Without any deadbeat sperm.

For how else could these worms

Make such terms?

As you watch your lost children now drifting through life’s ride Looking for someone to take on their mothers side.

Beaten by society and a culture

That didn’t want to know such sculptures.

But here it is, my dear sisters that are wondering in vain,

Trying hard not to cry with such pain.

You too one day will pull through

And recognise the power of your struggles

That created isolated paths in a lonely bubble.

The small steps you take

May feel at times so fake.

A constant shake for a better make.

Believe in yourself and the beautiful world

Searching for your love

Make your moves to create your perfect grooves

As you too are important, not just a portent.