Photo: Flickr / Shohei Hanazaki

Dear Father

Dear Father

I know to you I am your only Daughter

But I am my own person now Father

I know it’s hard to set me free

But I am not in any ease

I know my choices are not what you expect me to become

But I have come so far that I have learned to be numb


I pray to God that everyday you’d see me the way God intended me to be

That you’d see how God has created me

But it seems you have failed to understand how magnificent God is to me


God has created everyone differently now Father

When will you see that God in all of us is different including me?


I don’t want to break

I don’t want to lose

But you kept me in constant battle

With me, with you, with the world and with God


The world is not about your ego, father

There is more beyond what you preach

So listen, understand and embrace

Because I am your daughter