Photo by Yair Mejía on Unsplash

Song of sunflower

Didst thou think I am always happy?

Because I am the colour of Summer,

As I shine and glow, like virgin lover;

Because I laugh when all pass by,

As they forget about their meagre lives;

Or maybe I remind you of delightful days,

Filled with baked buns and lemonades;

Or maybe because my fresh aroma,

Elevates senses sending your spirit into a coma;

Or is it because you see inside me,

Pure Beauty, uncorrupted and free;

Oh you feeble souls, I cry tears of buds,

I shed all my skin of amber studs;

My sunny petals turn into a dead colour,

Antique you may say but a tranquil pallor;

My leaves are gone, swayed by the wind,

Sworn never to return on this road unkind;

Oh hear, hear people, I can be sad too,

Buried into soil and pretend this life I never knew.