Photo credit: Flickr / Piyushgiri Revagar


I’m waiting

I’m waiting for the weight of apology to be lifted from my tired shoulders

All the scrutinising and criticising of how I look and how I do

I’m waiting

For the apology that is long overdue.

Tell me again how being free means letting go of me

Tell me again why I have to endure hate crime, as well as misogyny

Get paid less, get told how to dress, don’t be oppressed but accept less room for progression.

Come forward about rape, unless you’re accusing your President

Gender inequality is becoming increasingly evident.


Everywhere you turn

Eyes burn

Wanting to ask why you’re here.

And now my people are banned

And I can’t understand how this is allowed to happen.

To refuse refuge to a child, or those fleeing war

Hurts the world itself to her very core.

She bleeds for our misdeeds and as we fight over colour and creed

We forget how much she needs us to plant seeds.

Seeds of love: to grow compassion, to nourish us with acceptance.