Photo attached by Kenza Saadi, 2017

Why should I hurt?

Why should I hurt?


When I treat even stones with kindness.

I do not want to cover my ears

nor cry tears of sadness.

I do not want to dive into my thoughts

nor speak words of harm.

I want my heart to be open to all

for no particular reason just like a flower does.

I want life to flow when I move my arms

without encountering angles or anger.

I want kindness in the look of strangers

like the one I saw one very early morning

when I woke up in the blooming desert.

I want tenderness to imbue all my words

like the one that was bestowed on me

when I became a mother.

I want laugher in my eyes

like the one that shapes lips

when someone whispers a dream.

I want so many things you may say,

but I am not asking anyone you see.

Love is infinite I have always believed.

It is not confined to two or even to three.

Rather, it touches everything that is

and everyone happens to be included.

Did you know that?

You should as a silent poet.

I will ask no more questions now

nor will I make demands.

I have withdrawn into soothing silence

and await no one and nothing.

I know one day I will find tranquility,

the same one I felt late that night

when I kissed my newly born son.