Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

Higher vibrations

What is nourishing for our physical body is nourishing for our spirit and nourishing for our mind. It is very simple. Nourishment is the only act of self-love. Self-love is the only fuel for a compassionate life. Commit to small steps that you can take every day in order to introduce nourishing practices for your physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing.

Positive thinking upgrades our vibrational frequency. So does gratitude. Shifting perspectives, from attachments to negative outlooks to more positive ones, and consciously recognising seemingly small blessings are empowering, effective tools to put us back in the driver’s seat. This is not something I say lightly. Nor is it a bypassing exercise. It is a profoundly conscious practice that elevates our existence. If you do not like the story, change it. And push on.

Ending and starting the day with gratitude will undoubtedly shift the energetic frequency and vibration, allowing us to live an inspired life that is aligned with those higher vibrations.

So, practically speaking, it helps to write down three things which you are grateful for, every evening before you sleep. I started this with my girlfriends three years ago. We have a ‘Gratitude’ group on WhatsApp. We are required to post three things we are grateful for every evening before we sleep. These things cannot be repeated, which sometimes forces us to think hard. Some days are tougher than others. Our authentic friendships hold us accountable. They push us to strive to be better. The action of typing/writing gratitude is like planting seeds in a garden of inspiration.

We encourage ourselves to focus on nutrition, because a compassionate life is a clean life. Much is beyond our control, from environmental pollution to what is available in the market. Do not use these excuses to stop you from making nourishing choices for what goes into your mouth. Food is nourishment. Independent science has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that nutrition is a primary factor affecting our health. Educate yourself. My path has revealed to me that animal-based foods are detrimental to our wellbeing — and that of the environment. The scientific evidence is convincing and clear: whole, plant-based food is the cleanest, most nourishing choice.  Nourishment has no room for moderation. Nourishment is absolute.

It is also simple. Just as positive thinking and gratitude upgrade our frequency, so does nutrition. The window through which we see the world overlooks a completely new view, and it is majestic.

Exercise. Start with at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Choose something you will enjoy – eventually. I am a firm believer in habit. Our bodies crave routine (as do our minds). Sunrise is the best time for physical activity. Energetically, the universe is charged. And just as plants literally eat the sun, so do our bodies. It also helps that nothing is likely to come up at sunrise. This is a time one can honour regularly, with a little lifestyle adjustment. Ultimately, you know yourself and your circumstances. It is worth proper consideration when making this commitment. As you get stronger and fitter, you organically start to increase the time. And upgrade the activity. Your body asks for it.

There will be days when it is harder to be motivated. Push on. There will be times when you want to quit. Push on. These are signs you are growing past your comfort zone. Push on.

You will notice that you have so much more energy for your day. You will also feel much more inspired. More energy will be flowing through your system. Creativity will unfold.

Make sure you get adequate sleep. From what I have learned, an average of seven-eight hours of good quality sleep is ideal for the human body. This is the time our bodies – especially the brain – get to rest and self-calibrate. Plan your sleep like you plan your meals and your exercise. Soon, the ritual turns into a habit, and the habit is ingrained. Sleep deprivation is destructive over time. If you have trouble sleeping, seek help.

Push on. It has taken 29 years for Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem Ulysses to make its way back to me. And over those 29 years, there has been more given than taken. I am so deeply grateful for every second of those years. [Gratitude 1 for this evening.] I am still striving, seeking, and thankfully finding. And that has made my 29 years stronger, healthier, and happier. I could never have disagreed with Tennyson 29 years ago. But I can now. He misjudged the strength bit. A compassionate life makes you stronger.