Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash


Here I am with Women

Of all shapes, sizes, all colours and creeds

Today we are stood together

Against all atrocities against women

Violence, domestic abuse, rage and pain

Of a 100 nations in a 100 languages

Read, spoken, heard and sung

But we understood

We heard the song

The global voice that spoke to us all

And captured in just one voice

We have created a movement

To inspire, to change, to create and challenge

Patriarchy at its extreme core, at its very existence

Bringing in a renewed global vision

Of a brighter future for generations to come and those yet to follow

Those who will not follow the rules

And break the chains of Bondage

Of an enslavement of a nation

Of a social system full of flaws

Full of insecurity and unwanted demands

Dispelling the illusionary system that was built to control, built on demand

Which is now disintegrating, and is in flux

Leaving us all exposed to a new reality

Which we have initiated in this moment

Our very presence influences what we seek to create

Challenging, changing, and creating

The future which has not quite arrived

As were still shaping it