Our Beloved -peace be upon him

Resurrection lies in wait,

For every soul there’s no escape.

To meet our Maker, submit our soul,

Present our case, our hearts exposed.


Our desperate pleas will resonate,

Nafsee, nafsee, selfish state.

Searching for a ray of light,

Amidst our harsh, unworldly plight.


Our loved ones will be strangers,

Not kin or kith will intercede.

Except al-habeeb, our beloved Muhammed,

Upon him, we send salutations of peace.


Khair-ul-Bashar, the best of mankind,

Will implore to our Lord and our Lord will reply:

‘Go and bring forth everyone in whose heart there is faith

… the weight of a barley-grain.’ *


Al-Mubashir, the bearer of good tidings,

Offers hope to the ones that spend all their lives striving.

The perfect of man, held in the highest esteem,

For his living example, noble, Al-Kareem.


Al-Sadiq, Al-Amin, the honest, the trustworthy,

The absolute paradigm for our short, worldly journey.

His words sent from God, are models of truth,

May we live every moment, like our light, an-Nur.



Sahera Patel

*(Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 4712)