Photo by Michael Heuss on  Unsplash

Unconditional Love

I want to empty my mind of myself,
As all roads do not lead back to me.
Build a wall of rejection around my heart,
Let my ego fall to its knees.
To achieve a pure state where others come first,
Empathy, forgiveness, an invisible trust,
In the mind and soul wherein lies The One,
‘He has full knowledge of what is in the human hearts.’*
Indulgence in sin provokes hellish horrors,
and altruistic acts inspire heavenly hopes.
But extinguish the blistering fires of hell,
And burn the notion of what heaven invokes.
Start loving God for no other reason than love**
May He be pleased and may that be enough.
For Him to greet me with an inexplicable smile,
A majestic love for His delighted child.
Deserved when only honouring, The divine Quranic calling:
‘humanity is but a single brotherhood, so make peace with your brethren’***
Sahera Patel

**From The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak