Under a lamplight

Far out I have come
From the shattering of universe
Leaving stars pelleted to stubborn grounds.
Screeching like brakes, ready to dismantle
To be replaced.
An unsettling scene unfurling, louder than a possessed stampede
Gushing, the dam will soon break: no holding on
I free fall, the lungs crash out like dead kippers
Lichen embraces me, after centuries of living in soggy peats.
It will grow, flesh revives,
Like the birth of a new eastern sun,
The sky’s ribbon blue will wrap its hands
around my waist, as I dance daringly
Chanting, ’liberated body—swing’
You are no longer a colonised island.
Arched trees sprinkle blessings,
as confetti fills the air in jubilation.
A small fracture beams light
Through a veiled canopy
Where, did she go?

First Published by Pure Slush, “The Beautifullest”, Vol.17 anthology, Australia, 2020