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Invisible roots

In between replaying my fondest memories and taking short naps on the plane back, I felt my stomach churn at the realisation that I will most probably never feel the same way again. ‘You’ll never be fully Iranian’ – this…

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Nothing ’neutral’ about the hijab ban

Prompted by the case of a G4S receptionist in Belgium who was fired for wearing a headscarf after three years of employment, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled last week that ‘workplace bans on the wearing of ‘any political,…

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What it’s really like living in Saudi Arabia

What is it like living in Saudi Arabia? The title sounds like a Buzzfeed article singing the praises of the Gulf country’s oil riches, its luxurious lifestyle, the ‘comforting’ gender segregation, and being driven around everywhere like the ‘queen’ that…

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