“kashmir bleeds and ways to kill”

– bleeds

i. there lives a flower. green in roots and velvety white on the ends. flower, kashmir. 

ii. there lives a land beyond rules. covered with mud water and used bullets. land, kashmir. 

iii. there lives a boy in love with a princess. both hands cut and eyes in sorrow. boy, kashmir. princess, peace. 

iv. there lives an old mother. wrinkled face and mouth uttering one prayer. her young child to return home. mother, kashmir. boy, martyred. 

v. there lives a rose lingering for spring. winter drags on to never let the blood be cleaned. rose, kashmir. winter, indian army. 

– ways to kill

there are many ways to kill humanity. one, murder. two, poison. three, choke. four, slit throat. and five, never kill but torture. use hands to mark places, the heart      and mind. scream inside brains, shake everything. paint the walls red. rape. cut fingers. blind them with pellet guns. make them beg you for mercy. stab their faces. bend down and spit on them. 

stand up, smile and tell them they brought this wrath to themselves.