Photo credit: Flickr / Jeffrey

It’s a crazy world we live in.

It’s a crazy world we live in.
There’s a pinch of bad people
With their own histories,
Doing injustice, not owning it,
Blaming their prey:
You came in my way.
We grow up blaming ourselves
Hurting ourselves, just like they did.
We won’t do that to others
Coz that shit was just wrong,
However, we deserved it we think.
Until we meet the rest of the crazy world,
One kind caring person is all it takes,
To start questioning those ways,
They empathise but don’t truly get it,
‘You should have told
You should let go
You should forgive’
We did all those things,
But the truth is,
It’s a forever thing
It comes up again and again.
The trick is to be aware of those connections, of ourselves,
And let the pain rip out our chests,
We owe it to ourselves.
It’s a strange group I’m a part of,
Cut off by some, loved by others.
Our minds are wired as something else
So creative, so beautiful
So full of life and feelings,
We are CSA[1] Anonymous.
Anonymous, they would rather brush us away,
So they don’t have to accept, how fucked up some really are,
And how not to let their minds accept,
That this shit happens.
We live with it.




[1] Child Sexual Abuse