Who I am

Who I am
Felt unknown to me
I lived a life told to me
How I speak
Refined by another
How I dress adjusted by her
The way I walk
Didn’t seem right
For I didn’t fit right
I was told be like her
She screams conformity to tradition
She upholds the family reputation
What a burden to carry
On shoulders made to be me
I walked, talked and dressed strange
In a way that pleased them
Till I outgrew the box
Depression hit
It came in a dark time
Taking me to a dark place
A spark of hope lit up choice
Do I stay defined, numb
Do I find who I am
Start being me
I cut from me reflections of every person who dared to define me
I don’t match anymore
I’m a perfect match for me though
Breathe me in
You never saw me then
Now you do