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Jenan Alhamli

Jenan is a 25 year old woman from Kuwait. She is a translator and a tour guide at a mosque in Kuwait.

Ticking the four boxes

A few years back, there was an on-and-off weddings season in my family, over the span of a year and a half. My little cousins, especially the girls, were very excited. After attending the fourth and final wedding of the…

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I do not condemn ISIS

I’m a tour guide at a mosque. I give tours to non-Muslims. Part of my job is to fend off stereotypical ideas about Muslims. When I first started, I was really excited. It has been a topic I’ve always talked…

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Conspiracy mania

The other day, I was watching videos on YouTube, and somehow I ended up on a video entitled A Jewish Perspective of Islam where Gary Stearman and Avi Lipkin –the host and the guest respectively- explore the Islamic plan to…

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