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Masarat Daud

Masarat Daud is many things. A girl’s education campaigner, a TED speaker, a TEDx curator, a recent SOAS MA graduate and a politically-incorrect humourist currently based in London, UK.

Why are you a feminist?

‘You were pretty cool the last time we met. What’s happened to you now? Why are you wearing your feminism on your sleeve, like a label? Has the West caught up with you?’ I am a feminist. I always was…

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Hiding shame in our closets

I can’t laugh at jokes the way I used to. I also cannot shop the way I used to. I was at a beauty products store during my trip in India. I was picking out a skin moisturizer and the…

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Society, you lied to us

Crossing into my 30s has been an awakening. The intersection of my 30s with marriage feels like an eruption of the self. The past, its conditioning, the engraved thoughts and words, the loss, the confusion, all of it in its…

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