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Maz Halima

A freelance writer, media researcher and general mad woman. Catch me running around in London City. Read more at

Bilingualism is a privilege

‘You can’t understand Punjabi?!’ Rishma* said, mouth open in a grin stuck on pause that evolved into rolling laughter of disbelief. ‘No,’ I smiled, clenching my fists to prevent them from instinctively floating up and punching her in the jaw….

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In a closet of dreams

Zehra rolled onto her side, looking at Kiran as if she was a secret worth her weight in gold. Zehra always looked at Kiran like she was treasure, but only when nobody else was watching. Kiran had enjoyed the excitement at first; the thrill hadn’t felt like a…

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Take me home

Heartbreak like this makes me yearn for comforts I never even had The urge to bask in my motherland’s South Asian sunshine and feel warm rainwater splashing down my back Elders calling me their child in Urdu, sending me to…

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Can I celebrate Christmas?

I think it’s pretty safe to say at this stage that hatred of Muslims is brewing into something that can no longer be halted – and it is going to get worse before it gets better. These days, Muslims get…

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South Asian pride

Some Pakistanis – at least in London, where I am – like to pretend that they have Arab heritage. This is a fact that I’ve never really questioned, until recent years when I became more curious, confident and knowledgeable about…

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Muslim values are British values

I remember when they were circulating around the net, to many varying opinions. T-shirts that said ‘I Am Not My Grandparents’ on them. To all of our grandparents, the passive and forthcoming alike, that was seen as a mark of…

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