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Wafa Awni Alkhadra

Wafa Awni Alkhadra, an associate professor and an acting dean at the American University of Madaba, Jordan, is a feminist and an academic activist.

Violence against women: Three stories

Three real-life incidents, which I was a direct witness to, have contributed to shaping my perception of violence against women. One At the age of twelve, I woke up one morning to the news of the killing of my 14-year-old…

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What should we teach our children?

The troubling conduct of many of our young people, such as reckless driving, littering and violence, is an indicator of a lack of proper values having been instilled during their upbringing. There was a recent incident at one of our…

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The exclusion of women in Jordan

Despite efforts to eradicate all forms of discrimination against women, the wage-gap, limited social mobility, restricted ownership and agency, poverty, poor political participation, health issues, male violence, and the infanticide of girl children remain challenges in the Arab world. To…

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