Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Self Love

Eye liner on fleek
Figure so slender and sleek
Starving, in the name of dieting
Apart from threading and waxing

Wearing painful high heels
No matter how she feels
Real eyelashes falling off with mascara
Spending hours and hours in the spa

Straight hair, makeup fair
To look her best, nothing she would spare
Can you guess about whom I am talking
It’s you, Oh my Darling!

How many times do you need to be reminded?
You are beautiful just the way you were created
Alas! My advice falls on deaf ears
While you hide those silent tears
Deep inside you agree with me
And yet you continue to beautify your body
Stop beautifying your body and purify your soul
In this world, you have to play a more important role
Don’t beautify yourself for some stupid fool
Just so, over your body he can drool
Real man will love you for who you are
From him, you won’t need to hide any scar
Learn to accept your flaws and the world will do too
Real beauty lies not in looks but deep within you