Photo: Flickr / Md saad andalib

“My dear daughter”

“My beloved daughter, this one’s for you.
Your actions shall be questioned, whatever you may do
They’d tell you what to wear, how to talk and how to eat.
How to walk, how to sleep also how to greet
“What shall people say,” shall forever echo in your mind
Don’t care much about them, the world is yours to shine
The journey won’t be easy, I tell you this today
Barriers all around you, make your own way
Wear less or wear more, you shall be eyed
Victims shall be blamed, no place to hide
The shackles of patriarchy shall hold you back
Fingers pointing at you, telling you how you lack
Trust yourself, please my love
Chin up, head high, you gotta be tough
Walk ahead, unmindful of what they say
There’s no path to follow, make your own way
Remember my daughter, a woman you are
Learn to take pride in this, it shall take you far”