Photo: Flickr / User: dee_dee_creamer

A piece of meat

They call me bitch because I sleep with my dear man.

They call me a slut for sleeping with a lover of people.

I love, he loves.

What more do you want?


They call me worthless because the man decides to leave me.

My life? Do not ask me any more: I’m crazy and almost suicidal.

The stigma I get haunts me every day.

My friend repeatedly tells me that virginity is just a construction.


I’m called ‘not a virgin’ by most people.

They think I’m worthless because of the tearing of my hymen.

Is the value of my humanity a piece of meat inside my vagina?


Aish, ironic.


NOTE : For all of you who feel insignificant because of the rupture of your hymen, you remain valuable as a human being.