Photo credit: Kenza Saadi

Change your perspective

You know how they say love is a trap.

You fall in love.

So yes, in this case it is.

And you can only get out of it with the keys of tears.

I am here to propose something different.

Do not fall in love, rather,

Be love.

Live love.

Give love.

Take love.

Spread it on your toast in the morning,

Ladder your clothes with it when you do laundry,

Sing it in the shower,

Paint it in your dreams.

That is love that does not entrap.

It is love where the only tears you will shed

Will be the tears of compassion.

I was trapped once, and I cried.

Selfishly, I cried for me.

Now I still cry, but it is for the world.

Change your perspective.

Climb onto a cloud and see the world.

Expand love to encompass the universe

Rather than shrinking it to the size of your heart.

It will bring you pure joy

Because such a love is absolute.

Trust me.

Climb onto a cloud, I am up there

Waiting for you.

(inspired by Hafez al-Shirazi, Persian mystic and poet, XIVth. c.)