You must survive

Amongst all of God’s creations, people consider rocks, mountains and glaciers to be the strongest. When referring to something sturdy, we describe it as being ‘as solid as rock’. Yet, a weird strength lies underneath the soft skin of a woman, which in time of need can become more solid than combining all the rocks, mountains and glaciers in the world. Unfortunately, she is rarely appreciated. A woman hides all her superpowers under her warmth and behind her precious smile. She is unbreakable: but her strength is not always praised as it deserves to be.

As I began to think more about it, I realized, you might not have to look beyond your own home to find that one unbreakable woman: she may be sharing the same roof as you, She could be your mother, sister, wife, sister-in-law or maybe you. That unbreakable woman may have become so overlooked that people have stopped consider her as a living being, have forgotten that she too breathes and has emotions and desires. After abnormally long periods of patience, if she ever dares to demand anything – even the slightest thing – she is often regarded as a ‘clingy’, ‘depressed’, or a ‘jealous’ woman. How cruel. Thinking about the constant disappointments life throws at me, I console myself by saying, whatever the circumstances, I have to survive – not for anyone else, but for myself.

Dear women, we all have to continue with the struggle until we are done. People will possibly never value your presence, or the things, both major and minor, you do for them. They may bring up stuff that shattered you, even if you lost your youth for them, put your desires aside, and you don’t always get rewarded as you deserve.

How do you survive in such cases, where everything seems dark and gloomy? You can stand up – even when you are considered a burden and treated as an unworthy individual. Despite all the suffering, you can regain your strength, your superpower.

Women across the world suffer from all sorts of abuses and violations, in most cases within their own homes and families; women deal with problems such as harassment, molestation, fertility issues, aging, war, conflict and exile.

Life is very complex. For some it holds countless blessings, but there are people who face hardships from the second they open their eyes. Some of us are able to fall asleep as soon as we go to bed, many of us cry over our fates until dawn.

This cruelty is heart-wrenching. We all deal with it in diverse ways. In these harsh realities, when you think your life is falling apart, and you have no one to offer a shoulder to cry on, this is the point where you need to use your superpowers. Think, after composing yourself. Think again about the misery that this life presents many of us, and about women who are suffering in silence. Think, and stand up: not in terms of taking revenge from those who have wronged you. But for the sake of the life you have been granted. Rise and stand tall, because you must survive.