The Embrace

The sounds of nature surround me

Birds tweeting in a myriad of sound

The gusts of wind shake the trees with a might

I can hear the howling rain as it crashes in sleets against the window panes

Nature in its ultimate best

Speaks to me with an elemental power, unfamiliar to those whose nature is not wild and free

I can hear the voices carried by the winds

Sounds that are incomprehensible to human thoughts

As they whirl and dance through the wild winds and the crashing branches in the trees

I am one of the wild folke, born into humanity

With the ability to speak to the trees, the flora and the fauna

Seeing the invisible worlds that exist between humans

I can walk these passageways

That my inner self knows that no other human can cross

I am intertwined with the elemental kingdom

Born Wilde and free

Destined to be a dragon the rider, a freedom fighter,

The wilde folke, the last of my kind and kin

Seeding the earth with a new destiny, with illumination

Armed with my swords of truth and destiny

Marked by the power born from my own soul.

I carry the seal of divine illumination in its depth of untouched pure power

Blazing with a radiance so powerful, it will blind those who seek to undermine the truth

Leaving you in a subliminal space

Swimming against the tides of illusion

Whilst the world turns its face towards a brighter future

Encapsulated in the dances of dreams, of freedom and flights of illumination

Birthed by the light of your own soul and higher calling

Which comes to greet you with open arms