Photo: Flickr / The Rik Pics


I feel exhausted today. A few of my posts on Facebook sparked some hostile ‘debate’. One of my posts was a petition calling for ‘illegal immigrants’ to be granted amnesty after ten years of being in Britain. Of course, I thought this was a great idea, but many of the Council of Ex Muslims of Britain (CEMB)’s social media followers found this too much to bear. They launched a racist tirade of how we should ‘kick them out and keep them out’ etc. etc.

I asked them how many illegal immigrants they had actually spoken to. I have spoken to many. Immigrating is not just something they decide on a whim. Imagine trying to leave a country where you are being persecuted and all ‘legal’ avenues are no longer an option. How many tourist visas or work permits do you think they are handing out in Syria right now? The response to this statement was, ‘keep your sentimental stories to yourself and be realistic’. When they are faced with facts, they just put their fingers in their ears and hum as loudly as they can. If they can’t hear or see it, it isn’t happening.

The discussion of illegal immigrants in many cases is used to condemn all immigrants – before you start, I know this is not always the case but it certainly is in a lot of cases! When I told said arseholes to leave the group, I was patronisingly told that it would be better to provide proper arguments rather than ask people to leave! WTF!!!

The next post was about an upcoming Trump protest. Of course we support that, because Trump’s anti-immigrant laws affect all of us. It might be known as a Muslim ban (which is still awful), but do you think they are going to ask each individual applying to go to the USA if they actually are a Muslim, or that they will believe us when we say we are ex-Muslims? Of course not: they will be making assumptions based on our culture and background.

Again, social media went into a furore: ‘Why are you not protesting against Muslim paedophile gangs?’ (we have spoken out against them), ‘Why are you not protesting against Erdogan?’ (again, we did just that). Just because we are protesting against the Trump visit, it does not mean we are incapable of protesting other issues. I am not sure why these retards feel that because we are protesting against Trump, we support Erdogan and paedophile gangs! Who said that?!

Lastly, I posted a condemnation of the Israeli action against Palestine, which left huge numbers of innocent people murdered. The trolls crawled out of their shit pits: ‘I didn’t think this was an anti-Jew group,’ ‘Israelis have the right to defend their borders,’ ‘So you guys support Hamas now?’ Blah blah blah.

I just don’t know what more to say: in the process of opposing the murder of civilians, we have been labelled Hamas supporting anti-Semites!

Did I mention that this all happened in the space of 24 hours? But it got me thinking how many fronts ex-Muslims are being attacked on.

I made a list of all the fuckers we are fighting against on a daily basis:

  • Trump Supporters – who think we are on the same side because of his anti-Muslim sentiments.
  • Racists – Ex-Muslim = anti-immigrant. Wrong!
  • Hindu far right – We have been contacted by Hindu far right groups assuming we would support their ideas. They assume we hate Muslims too.
  • Tommy Robinson Supporters – See above
  • Zionists (not Jews) – I don’t know if you have heard the hilarious joke, that ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists, but right now, all terrorists are Muslim.’ The same applies here, not all Jews are Zionists etc etc. But naturally Zionists assume that CEMB would support their cause, and that we are anti-Muslim.

Our message to these groups is that we are not like you and we will never be like you. We are always going to be immigrants too. When the racists, Zionists and Tommy Robinson supporters get on their high horses, and when the Hindu Right attack Muslim groups, they choose their targets by their appearances and their names, not their beliefs.

Of course we oppose such madness, not just because it affects us too, but because bigotry and violence are always wrong! ALWAYS!