Photo: Fuuse

and when she moves!

She sways like cold thin air
Flows like a gentle water
As strong as standing earth
And burning in the fire of passion
She is the one with strong desire
For dance is all she admires
World has given her immeasurable pain
Used her like a running garbage train
She gave it all away to dance
When you see her you’ll earn for one more chance
She dances at every beat of her heart
She dances with sweet smile on her face
She dances at every drop of blood running through her veins
She dances with every tear in her eyes
She dances at every step she takes
She dances at every mistake she makes
She dances with every bone in her body
She dances at every thought in her mind
For her dance is an unspeakable language
For her dance is an unwritten symphony
When she dances each and every part of her body sings
When she dances air around her slowly starts to swing
She expresses her hidden emotions through dance
She possess bodies through dance
Her dance bring tears to numerous eyes
Her dance bring joy to the mightiest of skies
Her dance takes us to the deepest of oceans
Her dance takes us to the highest of mountains
She is a Sufi. She is a saint.
For dance is her spirituality
She is a rich. She is a poor.
For dance is her luxury
She is a glorious. She is a famous.
For dance is her simplicity
For their pleasure they will seek her a million times
But call her a whore who commits a horrible crime
Never do they know the aroma of dance and her true feelings
Thump of her feet and spiritual healing!