Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

The revered female

Female Muslims, supressed they say.
Thoughts and voices kept at bay.
Born to breed, must take heed.
Brains in chains, Master reigns.

Wives and mothers, fit for purpose.
Conceal their strength, limit their wealth.
Faith constrains, potential wanes.
Feminism jailed, Islam, failed.

Yet Islam stands for equality. Promoting personality.
Establishing legality. Protection of morality.
Cover up to liberate, alleviate, dissipate.
Society’s norm. Renunciate.

Inheritance rights, clear and concise.
What’s mine is mine, but he must provide.
Mothers honoured, not simply endured.
Paradise lies in the glint of her eyes.

Look at your spouse with adoration.
God’s Mercy will come. Glorification.
Her sexual rights must be fulfilled,
Or protestation, is rightfully willed.

Once the gaze is inverted, from all things haram.
We tread the true path, to a spiritual Islam.
Where women are held in high esteem.
Respected, protected, represented, revered.

But historical habits, refuse to leave.
Culture distorts and as ever misconceives.
Ignorance keeps the struggle alive.
The believing women, lost in their own plight.

Education and empowerment must lead the way.
To enlighten, inspire. Eliminate the grey.
Know that my faith is not where lies the fight.
As Islam was the first to make legal our rights.