Image by Craig Bak from Pixabay

Thank you, marijuana

Didn’t know

this myself until

by smoking marijuana

I’d entered

   into it

From my body

hewed from

  a man’s rib,

a wing’ll hatch

without me even knowing it–

in the throat swords with their sharpness

sunk in the sour-saturated taste of that wine

my body’s an eagle

Midnight’s bolt of darkness,

risking total nakedness,

can now be thrown—

with a few kisses

I’ll put down

the weight of demons

crouched in the brain

It’s not the way somebody said it would be

this my body, made keen

as the earth-stained

restless dispersing

clouds are made keen

To this night

as if for the first time

inviting with me

the body

I hadn’t been aware of,

   I arrived

To the marijuana

that made this possible,

thank you