Photo credit: Flickr / Sanctuary Photography

Being a girl, you learn

There will come a time when you learn some basic differences between chaining a soul
holding a hand
or tying your pride to ones ego,
you also will learn that compromising is not love
kisses won’t guarantee the same love every time, and wishes or together moments are not the promises for forever
you will also learn how it feels… when you are ignored as a living being,
your voice went unheard,
your smile is not acceptable to the surrounding,
you will learn how not to reply when someone tells you a sexist comment,
when someone touches you in a public place,
when someone shouts at you for no reason just because you are you
you will learn how not to learn,
not to write or think even
not to raise your voice…
and here comes the moment, when you start realizing and accepting your defeat
with the grace of a woman
with all your dignity and love
not like a young girl of the past
but a future lady of tomorrow
and you learn
to build your own ways today
so you can have a tomorrow…
strong and well planned
because the future has a way of falling down in middle; uncertain

and you learn
that too much watering destroys the plant,
that too much worry never ends your problems.
too much sunshine burns,
too much light forces you to close your eyes at once.

and then you learn;
you learn,
to create your own world
a world of hope
a world of colours, so you can decorate the painting of your life,
colours you can fill your dreams with..
colours that gives happiness to your soul,
instead of waiting for someone else to come and colour your life.

and you learn
that you can fly high
and you learn
nobody can stop you
and you learn
that you are really strong
strong enough to say ‘NO’
strong enough to let go of the past
you learn
you really can endure
and that you have worth
and that you have a birth right
for you deserve to live a life
yes A LIFE
new life
new hopes
new people
new dreams
new destination and goals
and you learn
and learn
with every discriminating act
with every good bye
with struggles and disappointments
you learn … !
Being a Girl… You Learn!