Let the light in

If it is true what Leonard Cohen said
That it is through cracks that the light gets in, then
I have my answer
How I survived
Why I survived
I opened myself up to my broken mess
And turned it into beauty instead
I pieced myself back together
Letting go of what doesn’t serve me no more
And what I witnessed was a whole
With dents and cracks and discarded parts
That let the light in
That shine on my existence
And bring me an energy
That I am standing here
In a place of healing
In a place of poetic trance
That has brought back light within
Which brightens up the darkest corners
Bringing me to tears
Of what can be made
If we choose to try
And create ourselves again
Choosing who we create
Instead of being made by all our experiences
Choose life
Don’t end just because it’s dark right now
Let the light come in
It came in for me
Because someone listened
And held me in her mind
While I found my way out
Through grief
Came some sort of relief
And everyday is another day
Where I choose life again